KANOZI Architects is an award winning, successful and ever-growing architectural office with about 60 employees. The company was founded in 2001 by Johan Casselbrant [KA], Johan Norén [NO] och Björn Siesjö [ZI]. In 2012 Daniel Hohenthal became new partner when Bjorn left to join Gothenburg’s City Architects.

Working at our offices in Gothenburg and Malmö, architects, engineers and interior designers are driven by one goal: to deliver bold, unexpected proposals that create value for society and our customers. It gives us great pleasure to us as designers to create architecture that engages and enriches society.

Kanozi are driven to design creative and dynamic architecture. We know that good architecture affects people positively and leads to a more socially and ecologically sustainable society.

Our work is summarised in four elements:


We are confident that the best result is achieved through sincere cooperation and by listening to each other increases our understanding, commitment and determination.


Our product areas and experience, ranges from urban planning to interior design, taking projects from conception to detailed completion. We know that planning is the key to combine viability and creativity.


We want to surprise you. The balancing act lies in having an eye on the task’s requirements, whilst being bold so that the best ideas are allowed to take place.


We employ people from all over the world. Our different backgrounds, experience and specialized expertise enriches the architecture and touches people’s lives.