Analyze, conceptualize, communicate

November 23, 2022

Working methods for the sustainable property

Every weekday, millions of people in Sweden go to work, most of them to an office. We spend a significant part of our lives at our workplaces, many of which are located in a large open-plan office, others in their own room. Some work from home full- or part-time, others are physically present. We know that the office has changed historically, but what does the office of the future look like?


For us, it's about experience, and making the most of what already exists. To see opportunities and think a few steps further. Analyze to understand the location, the property and the business. Conceptualize to create properties with a strong identity, an overall feeling and a clear red thread. Communicate an attractive, sustainable office property where people thrive.

When conceptualizing buildings, we use the concept as a working tool, a guiding document that simplifies the process. We make sure that everyone involved in the project has knowledge of the concept, from project managers to installers. It is important that the whole team has a common vision, working towards the same goal. The inventory is also an important part of the conceptualization, what is in the area? What qualities and values should be preserved and enhanced?

 We believe in a close dialog where everyone involved in the project understands the overall concept and contributes their expertise where needed.

Thea Foss Henriksen, interior designer

Concept rooted in place

The office of the future is flexible with a strong concept where the use of the space is not limited to traditional office hours. Hybrid spaces that increase the efficiency of offices, where strong experiences provoke curiosity. Coworking is a way to increase efficiency, create flexibility and promote creativity within a strong concept, a brand. We have long worked with conceptualization of office properties, one of our recently completed projects is Vasakronan's Arena Platinan in Gothenburg. A coworking space where there is a strategic plan for the interior, where the experience of light, sound, scent, design and function is in focus. Where the concept is strongly rooted in the location and the business. The interior of Arena Platinan is partly taken from the site, with recycled and upcycled materials and furniture. An overall feeling that puts the property, and by extension the area, on the map.


Focus on the experience

So what are the benefits of real estate conceptualization? When it comes to offices, the most obvious is to create an attractive workplace where people feel comfortable, where the experience is in focus. This is the office of the future. Tenants look for context, which creates properties with a strong, marketable identity and flexible premises with less need for tenant adaptations. Sometimes the answer is coworking, other times more traditional office space or perhaps something else entirely. The key is the concept, a common thread and a long-term strategic plan. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Our interior designers Hanna, Lisa and Thea are happy to tell you more!

Hanna Bolin, 0735 - 13 26 50

Lisa Jonsson, 0767 - 65 19 05

Thea Foss Henriksen, 0708 - 35 94 36


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