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June 13, 2023

New assignment for Kanozi: The Arena district in central Gothenburg

We have something fun to tell you! In the coming years, we will be working on the new Arena area in Gothenburg, more specifically the area north of Valhallagatan along the Mölndal river, which will be developed as a mixed-use city in a block structure together with the development of a new central swimming pool. The assignment includes the replacement of the current Scandinavium, Valhalla sports halls and Valhallabadet as well as the former Lisebergshallen. As sketching architects in the assignment, we support Exploateringsförvaltningen with documentation for the development of neighborhood land. With us we have a very competent team consisting of Krohn Byggekonomen, Mareld Landskap, VBK, Urbanista and Norconsult Akustik. We look forward to this!

We are proud and happy about the assignment and the confidence to support Exploateringsförvaltningen in developing a mixed city in the new Arena area in central Gothenburg. The directional decision is now to replace Scandinavium with a new Multiarena, replace Valhallabadet with a new central pool and develop a mixed-use city that connects Lorensberg with Gårda.

Johan Casselbrant, Design Director


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