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Architecture for a future Nobel Prize?

The 'Nat' for the Faculty of Science and the 'atrium' for the large, light-filled room at the center of the building together form Natrium, the most recently completed building on Medicinareberget, named after the element that is essential for life on land and in water.

At Kanozi Arkitekter we have been working on the project for a long time, a win in a parallel assignment in 2017 led to a continued assignment and in August 2023 the building will be completed. Five of the seven departments of the Faculty of Science at the University of Gothenburg are now housed here, and one of the basic ideas of the building's design, to create conditions for meetings, is proving successful after just a few weeks. Dean Göran Hilmersson says that he hears many positive reactions and finds that he meets many more of his colleagues now. Collaboration is a key ingredient in any research project, and Natrium is designed to promote all forms of interaction.

Natrium is a building designed to be used. The flexibility is total, it is possible to rebuild rooms and technical installations without affecting operations. Architect and lab expert Saara Franzelius describes it as a machine where the requirements for coordination and technical solutions were high and sustainability was a hygiene factor. "The architecture should be functional, beautiful and sustainable, and the good cooperation has actually led to a more sustainable building than was first thought possible," says Saara, referring to the Miljöbyggnad Gold certification. Natrium has several smart and energy-efficient solutions, such as solar cells on the roof, lighting and ventilation that are controlled by the needs of the business, and the design of the facade that creates the conditions for energy-efficient heating. "In Natrium, many younger architects and engineers have been involved and taken great responsibility. For many, it has been the first large and complex project in their career, which has led to a steep learning curve and the confidence to take their experience to the next project."


Team Leader, Architect SAR/MSA

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At Kanozi we have long experience of advanced lab and research projects, in Sweden and all over the world. Common to our lab projects is, in addition to high demands on technical installations and safety, to think flexibility. A building has a significantly longer life cycle than a research project, which means that the building needs to be sustainable and flexible for future rebuilding and adaptations. Working with laboratories requires you to listen and understand both management and researchers, to have an understanding and knowledge of purity classes, flows of both substances and personnel and current laws and regulations. It is about designing a workplace with high demands on results, where interaction between researchers, management and support staff is an important starting point and where we ask the question: how can the architecture support a future Nobel Prize?

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