August 23, 2022, Sustainability

Recycling in focus for the Gothenburg Traffic Office

Kanozi Arkitekter has worked with concept and interior design for Trafikkontoret's offices in central Gothenburg. When Trafikkontoret was to gather all staff in a single office, the interior of the premises needed to be adapted. The project has had a strong focus on sustainability where most of the furniture is reconditioned and reused.

The building in central Gothenburg, originally from the seventies, is in good condition but in need of some care and overhaul to come into its own. Among other things, some of the beautiful brick walls had been hidden behind plaster walls, carpets needed to be replaced and surfaces repainted. But most importantly, the premises needed to be planned and arranged to accommodate a larger workforce.

In any interior design project, it is important to start with an analysis. By taking a closer look at working methods, how much time staff spend at desks and in meeting rooms, and how often they go to meetings and work outside the office, it is possible to adapt the layout and functions of the office. The goal is a good balance between efficiency and comfort. Light, acoustics and technical conditions need to be taken into account to create a pleasant and well-functioning workplace.

Read more about the project here!

Photo: James Silverman


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