1 December, 2022

Double-glazed facade and biotope balconies

A stone's throw from Malmö Central Station, the construction of Sjustjärnan is in full swing, an office building of 31,000 square meters with a few months left to move in. Kanozi Arkitekter has been involved in the project from the start by winning a project competition together with Castellum. The building, with innovative ideas and thoughtful solutions, is certified BREAAM Outstanding and WELL Platinum.

An innovative facade

Two softly shaped buildings meet in an atrium with a sculptural staircase, the spine of the building. The façade represents the different parts of the building, creating a variation that enriches the street space and holds the building together. Different parts that together create a whole. This is also where we find the building's main innovation, the double-glazed facade. The cold air from the night lingers in the gap between the parts of the facades, helping to keep down the temperature inside when the sun is shining. The air between the different façade elements also reduces the need for heating during the colder days of the year.

The double glazing has more advantages, the light is refracted and thus a clearer glass can be used. Large glass sections create bright workplaces inside and the sunlight extends far into the premises. The need for solar shading is less compared to a traditional facade, it is integrated into the facade and part of the aesthetic design.

The double glazing allows the solar shading to be placed in a sheltered location away from the facade. It also helps to refract light, allowing us to use both clearer glass and more glass, which in turn creates brighter workplaces.

Marcus Hultberg, architect SAR/MSA
Screened bricks and glass

The eastern part of the house has a concrete frame with shaped bricks. The lightness and verticality of the glass is picked up in the developed brick plate that is mounted between the windows, directly against the facade. The facade to the north is also dominated by glass, a unified but slightly different expression. No double glazing or sunscreens are needed here. The windows are as wide as they are high, 2700 mm. In the parapet there is an Estriado glass that creates highlights and makes the whole facade shimmer.

Biotope balconies

For Kanozi Arkitekter, sustainability is a design driver, innovative solutions that we integrate into every project we work on. In Sjustjärnan, this includes the well-being of people in the workplace, but also insects and animals. On the western facade are the biotope balconies. Here, birds can nest and insects live in environments where the vegetation is taken from the Scandinavian landscape. A biotope is a biological term; its special characteristics allow some organisms to thrive better than others. Roof terraces with pergolas, planting beds and terraces also form places for people, plants and animals. As part of the building, it becomes part of the employees' everyday life. Something to talk about and reflect on. We believe this contributes to healthier employees and a better workplace.

Photo: Werner Nystrand


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