February 4, 2022, The Future of Architecture

Here is the plan for Trelleborg's new neighborhood

On behalf of Serneke and Granitor, Kanozi has designed a brand new seaside district in Trelleborg.

The master plan for Västra Sjöstaden includes up to 1500 homes, shops and restaurants. The vision also includes a brand new 600-meter-long bathing and walking-friendly sandy beach that is accessible to everyone. Now in January 2022, the first detailed plan for Västra Sjöstaden went out for consultation. The plan includes about 600 homes, a preschool, center activities and a mobility house.


The 160,000 square meter area is former industrial land that will now be transformed into a vibrant city. The residents of Västra Sjöstaden will literally become neighbors with the sea. A 600 meter long sandy beach will be built between the houses along the promenade and the Baltic Sea. Seaweed and debris will be removed and new sand will be transported there. The aim is to create a swimming and walking-friendly beach that is accessible to everyone, whether they live in Västra Sjöstaden or not.

Our idea has been to create a place for everyone. An inviting and pleasant neighborhood right next to a really nice sandy beach. In this way, we give something back to the city, everyone who lives in it and everyone who visits it.

Daniel Hohenthal
Design Director at Kanozi

In summer, the beachfront location and outdoor seating will attract people. Further into the area, there are small streets and paths where the houses provide protection from the sea winds. The architecture takes advantage of Trelleborg's somewhat motley character and varied cityscape, where a taller building can be located next to a lower one and where old meets new. This helps to create a dynamic and vibrant impression. 


Västra Sjöstaden is part of Kuststad 2025, and is one of two parallel projects to bring Trelleborg closer to the sea. 

Clients: Serneke and Granitor

For more information contact: Daniel Hohenthal 0767 - 65 19 04



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