Brf Sydney along Första Långgatan in Gothenburg.

August 25, 2021, People in Focus

High demands on architecture when the private becomes public

High demands are placed on vibrant ground floors, façade design and residential qualities in the central housing projects. Private homes are also becoming part of the public city. Good housing is an important issue for society as a whole, and what we build shapes us for a long time to come. Facade design often generates a lot of debate and differing opinions, but good architectural craftsmanship creates an addition with its own identity and makes the city as a whole more attractive. Our answer to good architecture is to enhance the cityscape for the people in the city, an example of this is Brf Sydney, along Masthuggskajen in Gothenburg.

Brf Sydney is a housing project commissioned by Riksbyggen, which will develop along one of Gothenburg's most central streets; Första Långgatan. We have developed a block with fundamental architectural qualities with carefully considered proportions. Riksbyggen wanted a high-quality residential block that relates to its context in a good way in the central urban environment.

- We experience Kanozi as very responsive to our wishes and views, and they have also been good at designing good floor plans for us. In my role as sales and marketing manager, I see how important it is with certain housing qualities, such as that the apartments have a high level of furnishability, have attractive sight lines, generous light flows and are a safe and pleasant place to live, says Anders Radne, sales and marketing manager at Riksbyggen.

The homes are based on the long tradition of good housing quality documented by Riksbyggen and conveyed through the residents. Light and space and well thought-out sight lines that show the most interesting views of Göta Älv and selected parts of the city center.

In terms of the exterior design, we have developed a residential neighborhood with vertical features, based on the unique properties of the brick. Första Långgatan is very much characterized by the yellow brick of Gothenburg. And our building relates somewhat subdued to this color scale. Brf Sydney meets the yellow brick with a more subdued light gray-yellow stone combined with a darker gray-brown stone.

- As the brick is a self-supporting structure, we have worked with brick pillars between the window openings to reinforce the verticality of the house. The pattern masonry around the windows reinforces the expression, rhythm and order of the facade, while helping to create an attractive home for the residents, says Victoria Plate, architect at Kanozi.

The meeting with the city is important, and in this project the entire ground floor has shops and premises that make the meeting with the street attractive. This creates the conditions for a vibrant city with human activity at all hours of the day. A neighborhood with room for city pulse.

The building's plinth is highlighted by a darker joint, which is accentuated by a brick relief where every third brick is protruding. In keeping with the classical order, the building has a brick cornice and eaves. The new buildings built around it have a varying color palette of blue, green and Gothenburg yellow. Brf Sydney will be a quiet but stylish break in a colorful new area.

- We had an early dialog about the break-up and the verticality of the block. We have looked at many different material samples to ensure a good experience of the brick, which has been very important to us. We won't have the facts until the association is built. But we have great confidence in Kanozi when it comes to design details, says Anders Radne.

New architectural buildings often receive both praise and criticism from people in the city, professionals and critics in general. What has been important in your vision for Brf Sydney's design and consideration for the people passing by or moving around the building?

- First and foremost, we have to accept that people have different opinions, whether it's a color scheme or a slightly bolder architectural design. We at Riksbyggen have a vision of building a neighborhood that adds something new to the city, which does not look like the houses across the street, says Anders Radne.


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