March 3, 2022, Research & Development

New headquarters for Mölnlycke HQ in GoCo Health Innovation City

The new headquarters will accommodate about 800 employees and will be Mölnlycke's new hub with activity-based workplaces and space for lab environments.

- Our focus for this project was to create an office where both collaboration and personal focus are given the very best conditions. Consideration, innovation and sustainability have been some of the key words in our design process. We are in a post-pandemic situation and we now see how important it is that we create the very best office. We think it would be great if all employees naturally want to choose the office over working from home, says Johan Norén, chief designer and founder of Kanozi.

The headquarters consists of a family of building volumes at different heights with a warm character and identity. The building is aligned with GoCo's master plan which is focused on human scale and street life while being designed to represent Mölnlycke's values, vision and needs.

With a size of about 16,000 square meters, the office space is coordinated around two different atriums with two different characters. A more outward-looking and welcoming atrium, and a contrasting atrium that focuses more inward towards the business for internal functions and activities.

These two atriums become natural communication hubs in the house and this is where spontaneous meetings and interactions are born. The sculptural main staircase is placed in the extroverted main atrium and becomes the focus there, so that, in addition to spontaneous meetings, it invites movement and exercise.

Sara Panadero Antunez
Project lead architect

Walkways and footbridges complement the horizontal flows of the building, while creating life in the atrium and supporting interaction. The glass roof and glazed facades fill both atriums with natural daylight and provide a generous sense of space and well-being to the surrounding workspaces. The glazing also provides a nice visual contact with both the exterior and interior architecture and activities.

A sun-shielding wooden facade system, which varies in the different building volumes, gives a unique character to the building's appearance, while the sun protection plays an important role in the building's energy performance. Mölnlycke's new headquarters will be certified to the highest environmental rating of Platinum under LEED.


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