June 22, 2022, The Future of Architecture

Kanozi won the parallel contract for Kvarteret Lynx in Karlastaden.

We are very pleased to be trusted by Serneke, Fastighets AB Balder and the City of Gothenburg to design an important piece of the puzzle in Karlastaden. The Lynx block, which comprises approximately 20,000 square meters of GFA and will mainly contain housing but also offices and shops, is part of the front side facing Lindholmsallén and forms the face of this exciting district that is growing up around Karlatornet.

The competition process started in March 2022, where the work has been carried out and presented based on a series of three workshops in which Kanozi Arkitekter has participated together with Semrén & Månsson and General Architecture.

We are very happy to be entrusted with designing an important piece of the puzzle in Karlastaden. The Lynx block is part of the front side facing Lindholmsallén and forms the face of this exciting neighborhood that is growing up around Karlatornet. Our design of Lynx contributes with great materiality in the facades, links a modern building to the Gothenburg heritage of carefully designed brick buildings and adds lush green roof terraces to the sky.

Johan Casselbrant, architect and chief designer

Working in a series of workshops has been an educational and fun process. The first workshop was based on the theme "combining and balancing horizontal and vertical gestures in architecture". The discussion revolved around historical references, going back as far as the Athens Parthenon. This led to a façade composition based on the golden section. This module developed into a cornerstone of the design that provides a common language throughout the neighborhood and a balanced facade composition.

Eugenio Fortis, architect

An assessment group consisting of representatives from Serneke, Balder, Stadsbyggnadskontoret Göteborg, Per Bornstein and Gunilla Kronvall has decided to proceed with our design proposal. From the motivation:

"Kanozi has developed a robust and well-designed proposal for the Lynx block, with a clear narrative that links the harbor and the area's history with Karlastaden and Lindholmen's future. The architecture balances vertical and horizontal expressions, which together with a beautiful color scale and materiality will be able to offer a nice front to Lindholms allén. The high-rise has been given an expression that reinforces its vertical movement and inside, Kanozi has created well-planned housing with attractive views. The proposal is robust and the assessment group is confident that it can be worked towards implementation while maintaining the design concept."


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