May 25, 2023, Research & Development

Chronicles in World In Property

In 2023, we are writing columns for World In Property where we will have the chance to scout the future, capture the spirit of the times and create discussion and debate!

Our focus spans a wide range of areas in architecture, working life, design of public environments and cities, smart transport and of course the key issues of the future such as sustainability, segregation and housing supply.

So far we have written four columns on different themes published on World In Property, one of which is published in magazine #1 2023 on the theme of circularity.


Lisa Jonsson on how time has stood still in school classrooms and how architects have a responsibility to talk about children and young people's spaces.


Johan Norén on aesthetic organization, seeking new solutions and how practical reality can be compared to a symphony orchestra.—utan-frankring-i-verkligheten-31654


Daniel Hohenthal on the future of urban planning that must leave room for new innovations–31958


Three more texts will be published in the fall. Happy reading!


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