2 March, 2022, The Future of Architecture

Lunna Business Park in Mölndal ready for land allocation

The City of Mölndal has awarded the first land allocation for Lunna Business Park in the sustainable development area at Söderleden in Mölndal. The concept, which extends over 40,000 m², will be a vibrant and dynamic node in the city with a mix of offices, retail and companies linked by square areas, grocery stores, restaurants and public office functions such as lobby and flexible workplaces.

Lunna Business Park will be an evolving cluster of businesses that will offer an attractive business village with active spaces and natural meeting places for a mix of different activities. The main meeting place that connects the entire Lunna Business Park is a large event area under glass roofs, islands of greenery, places to stay. The central location makes this a place where people naturally want to meet and socialize.

Sustainability ambition
The transition to ecologically sustainable construction is a must if Sweden is to become climate neutral by 2045. The office buildings are intended to be constructed as far as possible as wooden buildings, both in the frame and facade. Using wood as the primary building material results in much less climate impact than a building made of concrete or steel, but it also provides other positive effects such as increased well-being for the people who live in the buildings.

We see this project as an opportunity to pioneer this work and intend to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at all stages. A reduced carbon footprint is achieved by working with life cycle analysis early on and throughout the project.

Johan Norén
Chief designer and founder at Kanozi Arkitekter

Also in the business village, the ambition is to contribute to a reduced climate impact, primarily by using recycled bricks as façade material. Using recycled materials instead of new ones significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions. The business village requires concrete in the joists, preferably climate-smart concrete, but the rest of the frame can be made of wood.



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