September 2, 2021, People in Focus

Involuntary loneliness can be avoided with the right architecture

The BonTop community housing in Mölnlycke is a form of housing for people over 55 years old, where health and social sustainability have been the keywords for the architectural concept. Today's research shows that social and active interaction is beneficial to health, and we have taken this into account when developing BonTop. Here, neighborhood community and active life thrive in the core of the neighborhood - the subtropical garden with varying meeting places for different needs.

We know that being social and active prevents health problems. If we built more future homes like BonTop, we could avoid involuntary lonely lives characterized by lifestyle diseases.

Johan Casselbrant
Architect and chief designer at Kanozi

BonTop is based on the idea that there are many older people who lack a natural social context for various reasons. The solution to this problem is housing that provides the conditions for a social and active life. In addition to a boules court, swimming pool and wellness area in the building, the main social element is the communal garden. The garden offers both a subtropical and lush Mediterranean climate with lush palms and fruit trees, combined with a dry climate with a rocky Arizona feel and hardy cacti. The warm climate is preserved under a specially designed glass roof developed in collaboration with climate consultant Harris Poirazis.

The challenge has been an accommodation that borders on a tropical climate, and the consequences with ventilation, evacuation and fire issues that arise when we build in this way. Through an adapted ventilation system and relatively simple solutions with solar shading screen-printed on the glass roof, we have found a way to handle this both climate-smart and energy-efficient, says Johan Casselbrant.

The BonTop housing association is being built in central Mölnlycke by Boaktivt and Tornstaden, and is being brokered by Svensk Fastighetsförmedling.

The BonTop concept is built as a classic city block with commercial premises on the brick-clad ground floor and housing with a wooden facade above. An urban layout with a focus on the living city out on the street and a protected oasis for the residents. With proximity to both a grocery store and service shops in the same building, it is possible to make everyday life a little more luxurious and a little better, in all its simplicity.

The apartments range from 41-99 square meters and offer 1 - 3 rooms and a kitchen.


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