September 6, 2023, The Future of Architecture

Skeppsbron 2.0

With our sketch of Skeppsbron 2.0, we want to show an alternative design of the city quarters at the riverside. We want to create a more distinct urban frontage towards the water with a narrower movement path that we believe provides even better conditions for urban life. If it is decided not to build the parking garage in the river, places and squares can be made smaller, which we think is good. The attraction lies in a long sequence of smaller places in the movement along the waterfront. From Stenpiren's ferry terminal, along Skeppsbron over to Masthuggskajen's new peninsula and on to the new future quarters at today's Stena terminal.


In our sketch, we have tested densification with four high-rise buildings on Stora Badhusgatan. In the same way as on the peninsula, the high points are moved in from the water's edge and the buildings thus step down towards the river. If Gothenburg is to succeed in meeting the river better, and in more places, the city faces many future and costly quay transformations. We believe that it should be examined whether there are opportunities for more housing and offices on Skeppsbron. Our sketch contains an increased total GFA of about 75% extra compared to the current detailed plan.


Near the heating plant there is a difficult situation where the traffic from Emigrantvägen needs to be accommodated at the same time as a new functioning building. In our sketch there is an extension of the land out into the river - but much smaller than in the current detailed plan. Here we see an opportunity for a larger building with space for outdoor culture, events and similar on the ground floors facing the river. Similar to the Blox building in Copenhagen, the street can be led through the building and create dynamics with movements through and around the building.


Our proposal is not to build the underground garage, partly because it is a very expensive solution and partly because it risks becoming obsolete even before it is completed. The mobility of the future will most likely be different and we propose instead that the Stena terminal's abandoned hard surfaces serve as ground parking during the period until this area is built, and if the need then remains, a simpler parking garage can be built in this next phase.


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Contact Daniel Hohenthal, 0767 - 65 19 04 or Johan Casselbrant, 0705 - 14 48 14.

Original proposal.

Kanozi Arkitekter's proposal.


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