September 12, 2023, The Future of Architecture

Welcome to Malmhattan!

Along the train tracks leading to and from Malmö C, a new neighborhood is emerging. Since 2009, we have been working to develop Södra Nyhamnen on behalf of Jernhusen. Over the years, various parts of the city have been given the epithet "Malmhattan", but we believe that it was actually here in Nyhamnen that municipal councilor Anders Rubin first coined the term in 2010 in connection with the adoption of the Planning Program for Södra Nyhamnen.

After many years, the row of high-rise buildings is now emerging as a sparse ridge along Bangårdsterrassen - the elevated movement path that will extend from the station all the way to Frihamnsviadukten in the future. Kanozi Arkitekter has been responsible for the whole and different architects have designed the projects that are now emerging. The picture shows Wästbygg's project Cityterrassen designed by White arkitekter and right next to it MKB will build Godsfinkan designed by Fojab arkitekter. To the left is Malmö's new district court designed by Henning Larsen architects.

In the background is our project Sjustjärnan, which includes a new Nordic headquarters for e.on. We at Kanozi Arkitekter are of course very proud to have designed the building on behalf of Castellum, who will soon move into Sjustjärnan with their regional office. Soon, Sjustjärnan's beautiful southern facade will no longer be visible from Norra Vallgatan - but we are not sad about it, on the contrary! In the dense city, buildings should be placed in the way of each other, we believe that density builds urban life and the whole basic idea of Södra Nyhamnen is to create a dense structure where as many people as possible can both live and work in direct proximity to Malmö's central station.

In connection with Malmö in the making we have two events in Nyhamnen, join us for a sketch walk on 14/9 and a run on 21/9!


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