March 24, 2022, People in Focus

Another headquarter signed by Kanozi Arkitekter

When three companies became one under the name TopRight, an old blacksmith's shop and a glasswork office were transformed into an activity-based headquarters with modern technology. Being a strategic partner in office projects is one of Kanozi Arkitekter's absolute strengths.

What do real estate giants like Castellum, Platzer, Akademiska Hus and Vasakronan have in common? They have all had their headquarters designed by Kanozi Arkitekter.
- Being involved from idea to finished result is a prerequisite for being able to understand the customer's needs and ensure a sustainable result where people are in focus, says Lisa Jonsson, architect and CEO of Kanozi Arkitekter.

Responsive design process
The starting point for TopRight was a reorganization where three companies would become one. Kanozi Arkitekter was involved early in the process, conducting in-depth employee interviews and translating TopRight's new brand identity into concrete design proposals.
- There was a desire to create a head office where employees could and wanted to stay after their shift. Where, for example, there was room for washing facilities after a shift in the forge. Or an inviting area where both craftsmen and officials felt comfortable and met, says Anna Gustavsson, interior designer at Kanozi Arkitekter.

An inclusive workplace
The new corporate identity demonstrated a strong sense of collaboration and forward thinking. The architecture followed suit, creating an open and inclusive workplace.
The office is divided into two different activity levels. On the ground floor, the entrance is dominated by a large lounge with kitchenette, music system and modern technology, natural meeting places and facilities such as a relaxation area with changing rooms, sauna and shower facilities. Upstairs, there are activity-based offices with opportunities for privacy and concentration, as well as meeting rooms, project rooms and closed discussion rooms.

Design and material choices
When TopRight merged with HISAB and Ferm & Persson, all companies came together under one name and roof, TopHouse. Symbolically, this is also shown architecturally in the premises through a specially designed window between the lounge, meeting room and workshop, where the window follows the contours of a house. The choice of materials flirts with the history of the premises as a blacksmith and glasswork's shop, with the durable cube floor reflecting the past. The color choices reflect an industrial design in rusty colors that highlight the raw details and harmonize with interacting textiles in natural, earthy colors.

Innovation meets tradition
The office highlights traditional needs, but incorporates technological solutions that a state-of-the-art office like TopRight requires. Their own products are enhanced by the architecture, such as 'Smart Glass' with message exposure and interactive walls.
- Everywhere there is smart technology that reads your needs. You can easily connect to screens and sound systems. All the technology follows you whether you want to sit alone or get active. This was very important to us and a requirement for having a functioning office that also serves as a showroom for our customers, says Daniel Nestenborg, business developer at TopRight, a company that offers smart solutions in lighting technology, digital glass and construction.

Working with Kanozi Architects
- It worked really well, the architects have of course come up with a lot of their own opinions, which we appreciate, but they have also listened to us. The big thing I reacted to was their presence. The architects were on site a lot and even fixed the last details. As an engineer, you often miss the last piece of the puzzle with styling and the feeling on site. But it's really that last effort that results in a good outcome, so we're very pleased with it, says Daniel Nestenborg.


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