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Our interior design projects are centred around enhancing user experience. We employ light, sound, and scent to create spaces that seamlessly combine form and function. Places that are created to provide a conceptual experience, one that provokes a sense of curiosity and stimulates the senses. Kanozi interior design projects re-use and redefine existing spaces and materials to ensure circularity. We work to integrate a location's identity whilst strengthen the identity of our clients and their organisations. 

Arena Skrapan

AstraZeneca HA3

AstraZeneca KC0

Arena Lipstick

Arena Triangeln

Kv Barken

Arena Magasin X

Arena Platinan

Casino Cosmopol




Arena Sergel

Vasakronan HQ

Bror & Bord

Smart & Klart

A Working Lab

Platzers HQ

Castellum HQ


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