We want to create lasting value for our customers and contribute to a world that can be passed on to the next generations.

At Kanozi sustainability is a design driver, just like aesthetic and economic values. The idea of sustainability is integrated into our creative process and is a natural part of our work.

With the latest UN Climate Report, it is even more evident that reducing the impacts of climate change is everyone's responsibility. Minimising our impact on the environment must be at the forefront when we design and build for our current and future society. We must work to reduce the impact caused by the construction industry. This means that our way of working must change. This challenge is what motivates and inspires us.

Although we have a strong focus on sustainability, this does not mean that we overlook economic and social aspects. At Kanozi we believe that conscious design can promote increased social interaction, wellbeing, and inclusivity. Everything we do, we do with people in focus—those who will use and live in the buildings and cities that we design.


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