Office building in future Gothenburg

Älvtornet, with its 19 floors, creates the new northwest corner of the emerging RegionCity district. The location is highly visible in the cityscape and provides a good connection with Lilla Bommen, the opera and the Port of Gothenburg.

Area23 000 m²

Kanozi Arkitekter has designed a building that captures the location by the river in a unique facade design where the sparkling irregularity of the water is translated into a facade design that takes into account the direction of the wind and sunlight. The starting point is to make a building with really good climate performance that also gives the building its expression. Älvtornet is a building with smart energy solutions and high sustainability.

The plinth uses recycled classic Gothenburg brick, imported from the brickworks in Holland, just as when the oldest parts of Gothenburg were created in the 17th century. The building contains mainly offices. These floors are divided into three main categories, where the top floors offer a unique profile location, the middle is given larger coherent areas and opportunities to connect office spaces over several floors, and where the lower floors create a cluster with its proximity to co-work, restaurants, shops and services. At the bottom, the building connects to the station hall and forms part of the communication node between Mittuppgången and the central station.

We have used the location in the city as a starting point to create a place-based building with smart energy solutions and vibrant architecture.

Johan Casselbrant,
Design Director, Founder


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