Arena Lipstick

On behalf of Vasakronan, we were given the opportunity to give life to their new co-work in an iconic property with an outstanding view of the Göta River. Working with Arena Läppstiftet has been an exciting journey into the world of creation, with creative solutions and a strong focus on reuse.


The inspiration for the design language is taken from the Lipstick facade, with its clear lines and grid. This is reflected in both the interior design and carpets. For the color palette, we started from the conditions of the premises but also from the city that is glimpsed when you look out the windows.

Sustainability is important to Vasakronan, and it has permeated our work. Transforming and preserving as much of the existing structure as possible has been fundamental to the project. We have created a balance between the old and the new, which gives Arenan a unique soul. Much of the furniture, from desk legs to armchairs, was bought second-hand. We have also transformed sofas that were in the premises since the previous tenant into smart meeting places.

At Arena Läppstiftet we wanted to create a dynamic and inspiring co-working environment for work and creativity, respecting the history of the building and the needs of the future!

Interior design project manager: Ciceron Projekt

Special carpentry: Wittzell Production & LSI Group

Lighting concept: Simmons Ljusstudio

Furniture supplier: Modesty Concept

Lighting supplier: Yllw

Sound design: Efterklang

Plants: Coal hedges

Contact Kanozi Arkitekter: Thea Foss Henriksen, 0708 - 35 94 36


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