AstraZeneca LF

Laboratory and research building in Mölndal

House LF is part of AstraZeneca's R&D facility in Mölndal, Sweden, which manufactures experimental batches of medicines for clinical trials (Pilot Plant).

Area9 000 m²

The building houses three units: manufacturing, packaging and storage. Operations are mainly carried out in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) zone.

The building is constructed on five levels including a fan-shaped attic and basement. A culvert connects the complex to other activities. The complexity of a laboratory and research building such as AstraZeneca LF involves managing the different operational needs and creating well-functioning spaces for technical installations, taking into account noise problems, sterile rooms, cleaning of clinical areas, lighting requirements in operating rooms and different types of safety classes.

As an architect, you need to have a "split vision", understand the problem and see the possibilities. You need to take into account the needs of the whole building, from the owner's desire for a flexible building that can be rebuilt when the tenant moves, to the extremely specific requirements of the users when the building is occupied.

Johan Norén
Design Director, Founder


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