AstraZeneca HA3

In Gothenburg, along the E6 is the pharmaceutical company Astra Zeneca's research facility, a large area with characteristic buildings along the highway. Kanozi has developed a concept that forms the basis for the interior design of AstraZeneca's lab building, the interior design concept is specially developed for the office spaces found in lab buildings.

Area500 sqm

The interior design concept is inspired by both the big and the small of AstraZeneca. The large, such as the architecture of the buildings and their surfaces such as the folded aluminum sinusoidal facade sheet, the arched roofs and other round shapes found around the facades. In this meeting room, the same sinusoidal sheet that covers the outside of the building also covers one of the walls on the inside.



We were also inspired by small things, such as the shape of molecules and cells that AstraZeneca works with. AstraZeneca's two main research areas, the heart and the lung, are also included as inspiration. Organic shapes recur in the design language of the interior in furniture, fixtures and graphic elements. The image shows colorful foiling on glass inspired by silhouettes of AstraZeneca's buildings.

We wanted to incorporate plants and their health effects early on in the project and therefore involved a plant supplier at the beginning of the design process. This office landscape includes both tall plants and moss. The shape of AstraZeneca's vaulted ceiling is echoed in the table screens of the height-adjustable desks.

The sofa in the break area is specially designed and has integrated plant pots in the back.

Quiet rooms for focus work and space for soft seating and reading. The color scheme here is in muted natural colors with brown flooring and walls painted in a soothing beige color. Luminaires in concrete and corten-like materials become accents inspired by exposed concrete walls in the building and red brick on the building's facade.

The short side of the meeting room is clad in a soft pleated acoustic panel covered in fabric. The curves in the panel are large and reminiscent of the aluminum sinusoidal plate that the house is clad with. The same shape but with a different tactile characteristic.

A green bath awaits in the copy room. Here, the entire room is bathed in a pleasant green color and has a foiled wall with a leafy pattern to calm the mind and reduce stress.

Photographer: Linda Kiviloo


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