AstraZeneca KC0

Redevelopment of the main entrance to the AstraZeneca KC in Gothenburg. The project included new interior design and new planting on the outside to open up and increase the visual contact between inside and outside.

Area400 sqm

AstraZeneca's main entrance is in building KC, an office building facing north with its 8-storey glass facade. KC was designed by Wingårdhs in the early 1990s and won the Kasper Salin Prize in 1993. Kanozi Arkitekter's mission was to take a holistic approach to the main entrance, to design the space both externally and internally, and based on the building's basic materials carefully add new functions adapted to contemporary requirements.

We allow the eye to wander freely between inside and outside, subtly signaling openness. Interacting colors, materials and vegetation are found on both sides of the glass, to open up and further blur the line between inside and outside.

The entrance room has the shape of a triangle with varying ceiling heights, the different ceiling heights form different spatialities with varying functions. The sofa has a central position in the room and has been given the same shape as the existing reception desk on the opposite side of the room.

When adding new rooms, we chose to use the same material as the existing wall panels so that they would blend in nicely with the room. The limestone floor continues seamlessly into the small telephone rooms, which have either a built-in sofa and table or a fixed table top and chair. Veneered wall paneling along with a stylish pendant light fixture adds warmth to the small room.

The tall bar table is specially designed; the design language of the table legs is echoed in the ribbed walls of adjacent areas. The pendant in the ceiling contains both light fixtures and vegetation in the same round globe shape.

Many interiors are specially designed and are sometimes a hybrid of room and furniture. As in this case, the sofa also forms a wall and contains sound-absorbing elements.

Photographer: Krister Engström


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