Interior design project in Gothenburg

When Trafikkontoret had to gather all staff in a single office, the interior of the premises had to be adapted. We chose to focus on reuse, with most of the furniture being reconditioned and reused.

ClientGöteborgs Stad
Size4000 m2

The building in central Gothenburg, originally from the seventies, is in good condition but in need of some care and overhaul to come into its own. Among other things, some of the beautiful brick walls had been hidden behind plaster walls, carpets needed to be replaced and surfaces repainted. But most importantly, the premises needed to be planned and arranged to accommodate a larger workforce.

The internal culture is relaxed, friendly and welcoming. Trafikkontoret wanted the interior design to reflect and support this, and for the original architectural environment to be celebrated through lighting, materials and colors.

Large, open and flexible

The Traffic Office's staff was previously distributed in several different locations in Gothenburg. In order to accommodate all employees and at the same time support the working method that the Traffic Office wanted to implement to a greater extent, we created an activity-based office. We planned and decorated the two floors with the aim of creating an environment where a spirit of cooperation and openness could grow strong.

The working day starts in the home area where staff have their lockers with computers and personal items. There are both work tables and small groups of armchairs, stools and sofas for spontaneous meetings. Employees do not have fixed workplaces; instead, they choose their own depending on the task at hand. The office has different zones for different tasks and activities. The lounge and kitchen are social areas that invite spontaneous meetings and conversations. Anf for those who need to take a digital meeting, phone call or just want to be able to work undisturbed can use one of the meeting rooms.

Recycled furniture and a carpet with a pattern reminiscent of a beach creates a serene and harmonious environment.

Re-use, re-purpose

One of the requests from the Traffic Office was to reuse as much of the old furniture as possible. In the dining room, the chairs are painted in different shades, like shells on a beach. The lamps in different colors reinforce a variegated but harmonious layout. Instead of trying to match existing cabinets and drawers of the same size, we let the differences make the space more dynamic with new contrasting shades.

The office has both completely silent areas and quiet workstations. Project rooms and meeting rooms are adjacent and are shared by everyone. One of the meeting rooms has chairs covered with new fabric. The line at the height of the window sill runs like a horizon through several of the office's rooms.

The lunch room, where the chairs have been given new colors and fabrics.


In any interior design project, it is important to start with an analysis. By looking at the way people work, how much time they spend at their desks and in meeting rooms, and how often they go to meetings or work outside the office, it is possible to adapt the layout and functions of the office. The goal is a good balance between efficiency and comfort. Light, acoustics and technical conditions need to be taken into account to create a pleasant and well-functioning workplace. Together with Trafikkontoret, we have had a clear focus on sustainability and are very happy with the result, reusing a large part of the existing furniture and bringing major changes into effect through small means.

Green kitchens with recycled kitchen cabinets that blend in with wall colors and splashbacks.


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