Brf Åreparken

Residential buildings in Åre

Åreparken was tailor-made for an existing zoning plan in the center of Åre, right behind the Hotel Diplomat and with the iconic Sporthotellet a stone's throw further up the slope.

ClientÄngskär AB
Area2 400 m²

At the time, city architect Reutersvärd was passionate about the national romanticism that has left its mark on the two nearby hotels, among other things, and which today is a symbol of Åre's older destination architecture. We created a modern interpretation of this design language, with steep roof slopes, pointed dormers and front porches and a wooden architecture with a contemporary detailing.

The building contains 18 apartments gathered around a centrally located stairwell, several of which span two, and in some places even three, floors. The apartments are designed to provide comfort for as many beds as possible, but at the same time create an attractive mountain stay. Most of these apartments are rented out through Skistar on a weekly basis, and are optimized for skiers with changing rooms, sauna, ski storage and an arrangement that also facilitates overlapping guest changes.

With its location and design, the house is now part of Åre's DNA!


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