Brf Sydney

Central residential neighborhood in Gothenburg

Kanozi Arkitekter has designed Riksbyggen's residential block at Masthuggskajen in Gothenburg, Brf Sydney, after winning a parallel assignment. The block will be an important piece of the puzzle in the realization of the new district and one of the most visible contributions with its location along Första Långgatan.

Year2020 ongoing
Area15 000 m²

This block forms the link between the established and attractive area of Långgatorna- Linné, into the new one now emerging towards the waterfront, and a continuation of what started already in 2014, when Kanozi Arkitekter won the invited architectural competition for the overall design of the area.

Brf Sydney will be an extensive city block of 15,000 m² with 136 space-efficient tenant-owned apartments and a vibrant ground floor with shops, cafés and restaurants.

The buildings will be up to nine stories high, giving many apartments a fantastic view of the harbor inlet. The architecture along Första Långgatan is varied and from many different eras.

The new block will keep the streetscape together and create a more cohesive identity along the street, while giving the block a distinct character of its own.

With facades in different types of brick and volumes that embrace each other, an urban puzzle piece with a clear Gothenburg character is formed. The steps in the volume are fully utilized to create great living qualities in the form of greenery, roof terraces and views of the surrounding roof landscape.


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