Bror & Bord

Restaurant in Gothenburg

An interior design project that highlighted the restaurant's potential. A natural, raw and industrial character emerged and was combined with warm materials such as wood and straw, as well as textiles and murals for an inviting and multicultural atmosphere.

ClientBror & Bord

All surfaces and furniture are characterized by a Nordic simplicity and lightness. The smaller areas such as the bar and cash register are made of slightly more lavish materials to add tactility and credibility without being too expensive.

In this project, we collaborated with our sister company Izonak, which handled the procurement documents, orders, logistics and final delivery of all the furniture. Having a partner who is used to special orders such as site-built furniture, was a great advantage in our work with the interior of Bror & Bord.

Abstract murals by Sebastian Villabona extend the multicultural atmosphere of Bror & Bord.


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