Central housing in Gothenburg, competition proposal

A parallel assignment organized by Serneke in collaboration with the City of Gothenburg and Architects Sweden. The assignment was carried out together with MARELD landskapsarkitekter AB, Sweco and Antiquum.

StatusCompetition proposals

The result was a good architecture, design and understanding of the site that we are very proud of. A difficult competition for an important and intricate densification in a critical context in terms of cultural environment issues and many other aspects. The design concept in our proposal is based on the fact that a round building enclosed by the Lorensberg Park with existing and new trees would be the right answer to several of the difficult questions.

Our own manifesto on how we would describe the identity of our proposal:
"With an identity both light and flamboyant, this building finds its clear and obvious place in the city's intricate web of both time and space. Clearly embedded in an extended park and naturally surrounded by old and new trees on all sides".


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