Headquarters in Gothenburg with a marine theme

Kanozi Arkitekter has designed the renovation and new building and developed an interior design concept for Consilium and the property owner Atterfelt fastigheter. With a sober color scale in the gradients of the waves and solid interior materials and finishes such as cube floors and natural stone, the office was raised to new levels.

ClientConsilium, Atterfelt Fastigheter
Area7 500 m²

The aim has been to develop and modernize the existing building, which houses offices, warehouses and production. Through a new clear entrance extension, new internal communication routes and stairs and a large common dining room, communication in the building is strengthened and enables meetings between different departments.

As the project progressed, the ideas for the new dining room evolved, which was eventually extended with a second floor with a mezzanine and meeting rooms overlooking the Göta Älv.

Susanna Åberg,
architect and project manager

Consilium produces safety technology for the marine, oil, gas, transportation and construction industries. Given the west coast location of the office, the marine theme was a natural choice.

We are on the west coast where the sea is always present. Given the nature of Consilium's business and their quality products that save people, we went with the marine theme for the interior design concept. Like a lighthouse, Consilium guides its customers through a stormy sea to safety. We were inspired by the color scale of the sea, the rolling waves with their colorful gradients and gave Consilium the main role as the navigating lighthouse they are.

Anna Gustavsson,
project-leading interior designer

The interior architecture is highlighted in versatile and carefully selected materials and patterns. These include weaving techniques in carpets, ribbing on walls and ceilings, and a graphic, recurring pixelated wave pattern throughout the premises. The pattern is repeated in the newly built entrance's perforated backlit sheet metal facade, as foiling on internal glass sections and in contrasting markings.

In the entrance, lounge areas, dining room, entrance hall and office landscape, the rooms are filled with colors inspired by a powerful wave, with black and green at the bottom and airy turquoise at the top, shades of gray, white and light. This can be seen through floors, painted walls, textiles, lighting and furnishings.

The conversation rooms break off with a warm color scheme of orange, yellow and white, as well as solid wood materials to symbolize the lighthouse in the stormy sea that navigates employees towards solution-focused work together.

The new office has been designed to support a new way of working. They want to work openly and collaboratively, taking advantage of all the knowledge available in-house. A key feature of the new office is the spontaneous creative meetings. Conversation rooms are designed to encourage use and contribute to more collaboration internally and develop innovative communication.


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