Falsterbo Art Gallery

Renovating a 100-year-old art gallery in Falsterbo, Sweden

The building is over 100 years old and has served as an art gallery since the mid-70s. It was time for a proper refurbishment that addressed its needs in a dignified and aesthetically pleasing way.

ClientLighthouse Management
Area200 m²

We took on the task of renovating an older art gallery in Falsterbo in two stages. This resulted in a new entrance room, a reception desk, a shop for books, art and gifts, two equal-sized rooms with controlled light and the possibility of blackout for video works or projections.

The main difference from before is the new staircase that gives visitors access to the second floor of the building, a part that was previously closed to the public and used as an association hall. The steel staircase is the main feature of the space and visitors can choose to move upwards in the building, with the upper floor offering several rooms with natural daylight and views of Falsterbo.

The exterior of the building has been repainted in a lime white color that refers to the Falsterbo houses and other important buildings in the area. The new windows have also been given a blue-grey color to reinforce the new identity and in the west, a glazing under one of the balconies has provided more space for the café.

The art gallery is now refined by modernity and flexible solutions for today's and tomorrow's creators. The building and the site have been given a boost with a gentle but firm approach, and is today a beautiful art gallery with space for both small and large works. The focus is on the visitor's experience, good exhibition spaces and attention to detail.


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