Gothenburg Cross-River Cable Car

Competition proposal for a cable car in Gothenburg

With our new proposal, we have maintained the original proposal developed by UN studio and Kjellgren Kaminsky. A cable car reduces car dependency, creates efficient connections across the river and connects the City of Gothenburg across the water.


A cable car does not take up any street space and can easily cross water and major routes that are currently major barriers. It also gives us brighter, safer and airier public transport.

Johan Norén
Design Director, Founder

With our new proposal, we have taken into account the requirements set by Trafikkontoret. The challenge has thus been to simplify the stations and towers while maintaining and developing the qualities from previous work on the cable car. We worked closely with designers and the cable car supplier and took into account current calculations. Our Kanozi team has started from the core of the requirements and qualities that the project must meet and worked with many parallel proposals and drafts to find the right way forward.

The cable car proposal reduces car dependency, creates efficient connections across the river and connects Gothenburg, even across the water. Implementing a cable car as part of public transport in our city will be the first new technical sub-system in Swedish public transport in almost 100 years. The time is ripe for new thinking and innovation.

 In the long term, I would like to see a cable car that connects Volvo, Volvo Lundby and Kungälv to reduce commuter traffic. And then a route that goes from Järntorget via Sahlgrenska/Chalmers, Pedagogen park and up to GoCo Innovation-city in Mölndal. In this way, we connect our education centers and two most important innovation hubs.

Johan Norén
Design Director, Founder


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