Kv Barken

A former police station becomes a lifestyle hotel.

In the middle of one of Gothenburg's hottest and most dynamic areas, we have developed hotels, homes and restaurants. The Q-labeled police headquarters on the corner of Nordhemsgatan/Tredje Långgatan from the early 1900s is being carefully restored and transformed into a destination in the premium segment for both the city's residents and visitors from outside.

ClientSigillet Fastigheter, LeH Group

The project also includes the creation of a new public square and attractive new housing. The square connects to a narrow alley that links Tredje Långgatan to Fjärde Långgatan, bringing new life to this very central location. Around the new square, a destination is created with a wine bar, restaurant, café and plenty of space for outdoor seating in the best evening sunlight. A place with life and movement, food and music.

LeH Group has high ambitions in creating unique meeting places in Gothenburg, and the work with the Police House on Tredje Långgatan is no exception. They see opportunities in heritage buildings with the goal of creating destinations that guests want to visit again and again. The unique conditions of the old Police House, such as its location in the city and the history of the building, are just right for a lifestyle hotel with a restaurant and bar that, when completed, will be special and unique rather than luxurious.


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