Kv. Seal

Sustainable housing block in Varberg

With its exclusive corner location and a seven-storey building structure, Kv. Seglet's sloping roof stretches like a sailcloth between two highlights that are partly oriented towards the sea horizon, Varberg's fortress and cold bath house and the old town center.


The traditional and rustic meets the modern and softer, adding an exciting but genuine element to Varberg's city center.

Kv. Seglet will be a marker for the beginning of the quayside in the extension of Strandpromenaden, it will also be the backdrop for an important public meeting place, Hamntorget. We take advantage of the proximity to the sea, the harbor and the city. In our field of vision, we have the sea and Varberg's magnificent fortress, two of the city's distinctive elements and identity markers. Sensing the surroundings, color, form and texture are captured together in our facade with a material palette of brick and recycled aluminum in a soft and warm color scheme. The materials are durable over time and are well suited to a facade in a coastal landscape where it is exposed to varying and sometimes harsh weather conditions.

The living space on the ground floor is divided into eight apartments, most of which have continuous floor plans and generous recessed balconies that can serve as an extra room during the summer months. The smaller apartments are single-sided, but all are oriented towards the sea with the framed view as a central motif. The two stairwells are carefully positioned to provide ample daylight with the lush greenery of the courtyard as a backdrop.

The recessed balconies become discreet details in the brick facade and provide protection from the elements. They also frame the stunning views that the sea and harbor provide.


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