Kv. Valand

Hybrid house in Kungsbacka

Kanozi Arkitekter has designed a hybrid building in Kungsbacka, part of the urban development project that connects Kungsbacka inner city with the Kungsmässan shopping center. In addition to a large parking garage, the building contains offices, shops, a restaurant and café, creating a vibrant ground floor.


ClientAranäs Fastigheter
Size16 600 sqm

We were invited to the architectural competition to design a proposal for the Valand 6 block. Our proposal won the competition and forms the basis for further implementation. The city plan was already set and aimed to build the shopping center Kungsmässan with Kungsbacka inner city. The assignment was to design the first block, which is also one of the most visible facing Kungsgatan and Varlavägen.

Our winning entry includes a café, restaurant, offices and shops that bring the lower level of the building to life. But the building is a multi-purpose building that also houses a large parking garage. On the exterior, the facades have been given a strong colour scheme that gives the building a clear and distinctive character, while at the same time picking up on a local tradition of a relatively wide range of colors.

As the offices face directly south and east, it was essential to create a facade that handles all requests for solar shading, blackout, daylight and energy requirements in a robust way that also gives the building much of its character.

Johan Casselbrant, responsible architect
The challenge

There was an expressed desire to create a couple of premises with commercial opportunities on the ground floor. In addition, the building would contain a parking garage for more than 400 cars. The main challenge was to take these requirements into account and, based on them, create a strong architecture that was allowed to take place, but at the same time take into account and embrace future buildings.

The solution

Our winning solution was a multi-purpose building with 4,200 square meters of modern office and retail space and a parking garage. The building holds the block together with an undulating glass facade that takes up the directions from the roundabout and captures the more intimate scale of the shopping street. From Kungsbacka city center, the building forms a clear backdrop and acts as a draw into the new area. Gradually, houses around it will connect and create a relatively dense city block that connects and expands the inner city, as the vision in the future is to build a number of city blocks with both housing, shops and premises with a walkable city street in the middle. In the future, our building will form the southwest corner of this district and form the gateway to central Kungsbacka.


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