Collective housing in Malmö

Is it possible to build a sense of community into a residential area? Of course it is! Just look at Kvarteret Trevnaden in Malmö.

Size19 000 m²
CertificationGreen Building Gold & Silver
Number of apartments170

The collective house in Sofielund is not like other residential buildings. It is based on the idea of making togetherness and community a natural part of life. This is why the neighborhood looks the way it does, from the design of the facade to the orientation of the kitchens. Here, people are more important than materials and the "we" is more important than the "I".


The architecture

The Sofielund collective house is a mixture of high and low buildings. The facade facing the street changes character at regular intervals. And on the other side of the building, stairs and lofts climb up the walls. Here they are called balcony walkways, because they are places for socializing rather than just walkways to and from the apartments. Here and there, larger platforms stand out and break away. No place is private, everything is for everyone.

The community center is run by the Sofielund community center association, SoKo.

The building's appearance is variegated and changeable and already from the street outside you can feel that this is a place full of life. And that is also the basic idea of Trevnaden. Our task was to create a home where people with different backgrounds and varying conditions could live, work and thrive together. There are rental apartments, LSS housing and townhouses, all centered around and facing a common courtyard. Formally, MKB was the client, but the tenants had an unusual amount of say. They wanted the building to have a welcoming design and the apartments and common areas to be designed to facilitate a rich social life.

The collective house is classified as Miljöbyggnad Gold. The other buildings as Miljöbyggnad Silver.

Community is a feeling. It can only happen between people. But architecture can facilitate it and help that feeling by creating open, inviting spaces and natural meeting places.

Lea Vanessa Lohr,
supervising architect
The neighborhood in a larger context

Before we designed Trevnaden, we worked on the area's detailed plan. The city of Malmö wanted to find a way to create a continuous urban fabric between central Malmö and Rosengård. They wanted a path where it would be possible to move from the inner city, through different areas with the feeling of being in a city all the way. Along that route is Trevnaden.

Acclaimed architecture

When the City of Malmö awarded the City Planning Prize 2015, Kvarteret Trevnaden was awarded the honorary mention "For a valuable addition to the cityscape". Kanozi Arkitekter shares the mention with MKB, NCC (who built the houses) and KiM (Kollektivhus i Malmö).


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