Urban development project in central Gothenburg

From a car-dense asphalt landscape to an attractive and vibrant neighborhood near the water in central Gothenburg.

ClientÄlvstranden Utveckling AB
Size395 000 m²

The plan for Masthuggskajen is in line with Vision Älvstaden, which includes a new city center around the water on both sides of Göta Älv.

Masthuggskajen has long been an unused part of central Gothenburg. Large parking lots dominate the area and Oscarsleden is a barrier between the river and the vibrant neighborhoods on Långgatorna. A new district on the quay could connect the riverside with Linnéstaden and give Gothenburgers access to the water again. Something that the City of Gothenburg and Älvstranden Utveckling realized and therefore announced an international competition to start the development of the district.


The location is very central, with shopping areas and restaurants nearby. There are also good opportunities for recreation and relaxation in the area. Slottsskogen is within walking distance and a little further away is the Botanical Garden and Änggårdsbergen. The ferry service on the river is well developed and it is easy to get across to Lindholmen and Eriksberg on Hisingen. The major public transport hub of Järntorget and the future Västlänken station in Haga make it easy to get in and out of the city.

The three routes connect Masthuggskajen with the surrounding areas and take advantage of the existing character of the surrounding urban environments.

The winning vision

Our competition concept is based on three streets with different characters and identities. By linking Masthuggskajen with the surrounding urban environments, flows into the area are created, providing natural conditions for public life and spontaneous meetings. The blue route is based on the recreational values of the quay and the river promenade, with alleys, small squares and views along and across Göta Älv. The red route connects Masthuggskajen with Linnégatan's and Långgatan's public life and city pulse. Here there are conditions for a long promenade lined with restaurants, shops and cafés that extends from the riverbank all the way up to the entrance to Slottsskogen. The green route is leafy and the pace inside the courtyards is slower, despite the central location. Places and activities invite recurring meetings and communities, which strengthens the area's quality as a residential environment.

Masthuggskajen becomes a modern part of the city where cyclists, pedestrians and public transport users are allowed to take up more space than cars.

The architecture

Masthuggskajen will develop in stages and become an area characterized by life and diversity. To make the riverside accessible and inviting, no office buildings will be built closest to the promenade on the new peninsula at the mouth of the Rosenlund Canal. Instead, they will be built further in. Tall buildings are mixed with low ones and the blocks are staggered, both to provide protection from westerly winds and to create space between the different buildings. On the land between the buildings are the important residential courtyards that offer safe places to play. Cars are welcome to enter, but speeds are limited and most people who move through the neighborhood do so on foot or by bicycle.

Masthuggskajen has the potential to become a dense and vibrant neighborhood with small and interesting blocks, a variety of shared spaces and a clear priority for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users.

Daniel Hohenthal,
Design Director, Owner

Neighborhoods along the green corridor are dense with green spaces, places for activity and the small but important gaps that occur in a dense city built for people.

Sustainability focus

Cities where we can both live and work reduce the need for long daily journeys and are part of the solution to our global challenges for a more sustainable future. Local infrastructure prioritizes and promotes walking, cycling and public transport. This contributes to increased safety and a slower pace, providing opportunities for meetings and social interaction.


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