Nya Hovås

Urban living in a small-scale city block in Gothenburg

Nya Hovås is a new, urban and small-scale neighborhood in southern Gothenburg with a thoughtful mix of housing, shops, offices and services. We have designed one of the blocks along the central boulevard, Skanska's new residential block.

Area8 300 m²

The block is located along Hovås allé and is close to both beautiful nature with Stora Amundön's salty rock pool and lush nature reserve on one side and the central parts of Gothenburg on the other. The character balances between the detailed plan's explicit desire for a very large variation in volume and expression, and a coherent identity for the block. Along the street it is full of vibrant premises, which are rented out and coordinated jointly for the entire area, through Next Step Group.

Anchoring authenticity and a sense of place in new developments

Variation, authenticity and a sense of place have been key words and high demands during the design process. Our client wanted a small-scale urban environment where the feeling of a villa could be leading, as well as qualitative material choices with an exclusive feeling.

Different levels and eye-catching details

Using the different textures, colors and materials of the facades, as well as the different roof heights of the buildings, we created a neighborhood with great variety and interesting architecture with fine details, as well as high-quality materials and smart floor plans. The goal was for all residents to feel a strong identity in their homes and be able to easily distinguish where in the neighborhood the home is located, even from a distance.


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