P-hus Heden

A hybrid house in central Gothenburg

The parking garage at Heden in central Gothenburg is a hybrid building where several functions are accommodated under, and in this case on, the same roof. The location along Heden's most important link, the extension of Vasagatan to Bohusgatan, provides a fantastic opportunity to bridge and create life in this area. There is now a café and Cykelfiket that creates a nice choice for both locals and visitors.

ClientGöteborgs Stads Parkering AB

Audience during Gothia Cup 2023

The parking garage ties in with Heden's sporting character and not only solves the parking problem in the area but also creates added value for Gothenburg residents. The running track on the roof invites activity, bleachers activate the area towards the football fields, and along the pedestrian and bike lane there are business premises.

Heden is an important location, not least for the city's football fans. Our approach was to create something more than just a parking lot, with bleachers standing in optimal sun exposure, a view towards the football fields to the west and an opening for outdoor workouts for all residents. In short: a meeting place in central Gothenburg.


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