Per Dubbsgaraget

Car parks in Gothenburg

A parking garage at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital on Per Dubbsgatan where the facade renovation resulted in a contrasting building in corten sheet metal and shiny metal plates, as well as a steep staircase that follows the waves of the surrounding mountain and invites movement.

ClientGöteborgs Stad Parkering AB

With a facade from the 1980s where the bricks were falling into the street, the parking garage was in great need of renovation and rebuilding. Taking into account the surrounding vegetation of undulating mountains at different levels, the parking garage got an external entrance staircase that followed the same wave movements as the mountains. The staircase leads up to all floors and signals the position of the entrance. Thanks to its positioning, the staircase encourages visitors and users of the parking garage to climb the floors on foot - thus inspiring people to move physically, as requested by the client. In addition to a practical and healthy solution for the location of the staircase, it also became the obvious motif of the new architecture of the façade. The sculptural underside of the staircase interacts with the other elements of the building's roughly rustic feel and then conveys a more delicate expression in the façade above the staircase and in the meeting with the sky.

The sheet metal cassettes of the façade are perforated with a graphic pattern that creates an interesting and vibrant play of light inside the building. The light gives a sense of security inside the parking garage, which was previously a dark and sometimes unsafe place.

Our client wanted us to get away from the labyrinthine feel of the parking garage while inviting movement in the building.

Johan Casselbrant
Design Director, Founder


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