Platzers HQ

Interior design project in Gothenburg

Platzer's head office in Gothenburg has a modern and activity-based design where the layout and functions are closely linked to the needs of the business with three main work zones: quiet, intermediate and active zones.

ClientPlatzer Fastigheter AB
Area2 100 m²

There is room for focus, community and physical activity. The workplace conveys Platzer's desire to contribute to the positive and sustainable development of Gothenburg and to be a leading real estate office with a love for the city. The design is based on a completely new idea from Kanozi Arkitekter - the Bloc concept - a kind of toy-inspired building block.

It has been great fun to work with such a future-oriented workplace that is deeply committed to innovation. We are very proud of the positive feedback we have received from the employees and that we have managed to combine function with a consistently harmonious feeling.

Jessica Wren,
lead architect at Kanozi
Create a unique place within the framework

Platzer's premises were originally quite anonymous, so it was a challenge for our Kanozi team to create something new and unique, while following the rest of the building's standards, both in terms of materials and finishes. The new premises would also serve as a showroom for potential tenants, be completely activity-based and leave the idea of large open-plan offices behind.

Toy-inspired building blocks & different zones

The design of the office is based on Kanozi Arkitekter's Bloc concept - which was born from the idea of colorful and toy-inspired building blocks and city blocks that form different blocks with parks, walkways and apartments. The office design is developed together with Platzer's own employees - created by users for users.

The office consists of three work zones, quiet, intermediate and active, corresponding to places for focus, community and physical activity. The color scheme interacts with the function of the rooms - with intense colors in the training areas and calmer colors in the office landscape. The different zones create an accessible office that welcomes both employees and visitors. It is a workplace for an ambitious real estate office with high demands on sustainability and the desire to combine function with harmony.


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