Region City

New neighborhood in central Gothenburg

RegionCity will be a new district in central Gothenburg. The location directly above the communication node that is emerging in connection with the construction of Västlänken at Gothenburg Central Station is very strategic.

Year2012 - ongoing
Area270 000 m²

The area has the potential for direct physical connection with Gothenburg's historic city center and opens up contact with the new district that is emerging within Gullbergsvass. Thanks to its strategic location, RegionCity contributes to the creation of the sustainable Gothenburg of the future, with enormous potential for energy-efficient and fast communications in direct connection with many people in Gothenburg's inner city.

This is an incredibly exciting project, and the potential for Gothenburg is enormous. It's as if the whole of Kungsholmen in Stockholm would be undeveloped and just waiting to be densified with an urban inner city!

Johan Casselbrant
Design Director, Founder

In the future, the entire district will accommodate about 30,000 residents and a considerable number of workplaces. Gullbergsvass is comparable to Kungsholmen in Stockholm in both location and size, and RegionCity is the most central and first stage of this major urban development project that will leave its mark on Gothenburg for a long time to come. The aim is to create a dynamic and urban mixed-use city within RegionCity with a range of services for travelers, workers, residents and visitors.

Attractiveness, safety and a vibrant city at all hours of the day and night are overarching objectives. Particular focus is placed on creating vibrant street environments. The design adds a new topography to Gothenburg, but with historical connections. Here, the height and spread of the buildings give a new silhouette; another hill is added to the city in collaboration with Kungshöjd, Lunden, Masthugget and Guldheden.

RegionCity strengthens the core of the region and creates conditions for a strong labor market and sustainable clusters for the region's industries. RegionCity is part of the expanded inner city and is part of Älvstaden with the vision: the whole city, meeting the water and strengthening the core.


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