New Nordic headquarters for E.On

How do you build a large, central and modern office where staff can feel so good that they almost look forward to going there on their days off?


This is what we, Castellum and E.ON believe.

ClientCastellum / E.ON
Size31 412 m²
Environmental classificationBreeam Excellent, Well Platinum

Sjustjärnan will be completed in 2023.

In 2017, we were selected for a parallel assignment. E.ON was to build a new Nordic headquarters in central Malmö. It needed to be big enough for 1 500 employees and, most importantly, all environments had to be designed with full focus on human well-being. When the building is completed, all employees will be happy and feel good here. So good that they would rather go to the office than work from home.

E.ON's headquarters will be certified according to Breeam Outstanding and Well Platinum, a new international building standard that takes into account people's well-being at work. The Well standard is based on seven concepts that affect health: air, water, light, sound, diet, exercise and well-being. Here, everyone should be able to feel and perform well and stay healthy.

One team, one building

The idea of gathering all employees from E.ON's three Malmö offices in the same building is to create a greater sense of togetherness. Everyone should be close to each other. Therefore, there will be no fixed workplaces in the new building. Those who want to will sit together. Those who need to withdraw to work in a more secluded and undisturbed environment can take a seat in the library.

The same idea is reflected in everything. From floor to ceiling, on every floor and in all the furnishings. There is a restaurant on the ground floor where everyone is welcome, including visitors from the street. But there are no entrances to the different departments. Everyone working in the building goes up to the common lunch room at the top of the building when it's time to eat. This is to ensure that the team-building staff culture is nourished as much as possible.

The architecture

Building a building for 1500 people on the oblong plot in the center of Malmö was a challenge. In order for the large building to fit into the emerging cityscape, we designed two softly shaped buildings that meet each other in a high glass section. The different materials of the façade alternate as variations on a theme, with waists that curve in and green balconies that stand out. It is one building, but is perceived from the outside as several.


It is very satisfying to come from such different directions, with such different interests, and still manage to agree on a solution. A compromise where everyone involved is more than satisfied.

Daniel Hohenthal
Design Director, Owner


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