Södra Nyhamnen

Urban development projects in Malmö

Södra Nyhamnen is part of Malmö's future. The area will link the older neighborhoods south of the Central Station with the new part of the city that is starting to emerge on the old industrial land north of the railway tracks.

Year 2009-2021
Size 110 000 m²

Central Station, Glasvasen and Kvarteret Foajén. Here the old Malmö meets the new emerging neighborhoods.

Malmö has been divided by the railway since it was first built in the mid-19th century. City on one side, port and industries on the other. With the City Tunnel came new opportunities. Not only for train passengers on their way to Copenhagen and the rest of Europe, but also for Malmö. The central station got a new terminal and the area around it was rebuilt, which meant the city could start growing in a new direction.


The challenge

We were commissioned to develop Södra Nyhamnen in 2009. At the time, the area was largely dead, a no-man's land behind the Central Station. The challenge was to fill the site with life, create functioning infrastructure and smooth and natural flows between the planned Nyhamnen district and Malmö's older neighborhoods. The solution we presented to Jernhusen was to create a raised, elongated terrace through the entire area that lifts the residential buildings and courtyards above street level. Up there, both outdoor and indoor environments are shielded from ground-level noise.

The architecture

Södra Nyhamnen will be a district with both tall and dense buildings. The tallest buildings form a comb of towers and in front of them is the Bangårdsterrassen - a raised recreational path built on top of two parking decks. The elevated level creates space and establishes visual contact with surrounding environments. It connects the city and reduces the barrier effect of the rail area.

The Bangård Terrace with the bicycle and pedestrian bridge connecting the Old Town with the new areas north of the railway.

A bridge between old and new

Within a few years, the area will be home to thousands of people. For even more, the bridge between Bangårdsterrassen and the old city center on the other side of the railway line will be a new natural route through Malmö. Compared to the current detour around Central Station, it will be a shortcut with significant time savings for pedestrians and cyclists who need to get between the Old Town and Nyhamnen.

Retail space on the ground floor makes the area more vibrant and pleasant to visit. 


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