Travel center on Orust

Kanozi Arkitekter has designed a new ferry terminal for travelers from Orust to Käringön and Gullholmen, popular islands in the summer. The travel center has replaced the old waiting sheds in Tuvesvik and Hälleviksstrand, and now constitutes a single terminal for archipelago boats.


LocationTuvesvik, Orust

With large variations in occupancy throughout the year, we wanted to work with a building that can vary in size according to needs and weather conditions. The building does not end with the placement of the walls but creates different places for travelers to wait, which also provides the opportunity to grow if necessary. In addition to waiting halls, there is also a roof terrace, a small kiosk, cold storage and a storage shed.

The encounter between sky, sea and rocks has inspired the design of the building. Views and protection have been keywords in the work. We have worked to try to recreate the surrounding nature and enhance the ability to experience nature and the surroundings from the building. Sight lines have been important in the design of the building, as well as adaptation to the landscape and terrain.

During the winter months, when occupancy is relatively low, the weather-protected waiting hall covers the need. In better weather, the raised courtyard can be used under a tight roof. During the high season with sun, heat and many vacationers, a roof terrace is available.

The building was inaugurated in the summer of 2013 and is partly built on an approximately 30 meter long concrete quay with piers and mooring places for the archipelago boats. Tuvesvik is classified as a Green Building and Miljöbyggnad Silver.


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