Housing blocks in Mölndal

A block with apartment buildings and terraced houses, a total of 178 homes, which forms the gateway to Mölndal. A block that stands out with its varied buildings and characteristic facade.

Area23 000 m²

The project started as a land allocation competition where Kanozi Arkitekter, together with Skanska, developed the winning proposal on the then already developed local plan. HSB had run the plan and had it tailored to their proposal for a housing project. We saw the opportunity to get significantly more apartments within the local plan, which meant that Skanska could submit a higher price for the building right and Mölndal got about 40 additional homes in the same area.

The project was one of the first major projects to be based on the then emerging Xchange housing platform, and was also an early adopter of a full Revit design. The location in Mölndal was described by the municipality's planning architect as "if Mölndal had a ring wall around the center, this block would have formed the northeast corner".

We took advantage of this location facing the Mölndal river, the highway and the railway, and created a characterful encounter with the traffic and the large scale of the Mölndal valley. The project forms an embracing exterior that protects the green and calm interior facing the southern sun. 02landskap has designed the surrounding land and the beautiful courtyard.


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