Västra Allén

Modern homes that stand the test of time

In the new area Västra Förstaden in Halmstad, Kanozi Arkitekter has designed the residential building Västra Allén, a Nordic Ecolabeled building with large green common areas and well-planned apartments.

Number of apartments122 pcs
Environmental classificationNordic Swan Ecolabel

In Västra Allén, we have worked with materials that will last over time and are virtually maintenance-free. The inspiration for the materials and color scheme comes from older nearby buildings, but the block also stands out in its design with its brick facades and gable roof in sheet metal.

The block structure is semi-open and opens up to the southwest, providing outdoor environments with evening sun, a quality we are particularly pleased with. The open block structure provides a pleasant transition between the public street and the private courtyard, which is carefully designed with areas for relaxation and play. There are cultivation areas and an orangery where residents can grow crops and invite guests for dinner. In addition to an underground garage, there is bicycle parking in the courtyard to promote sustainable travel and facilitate everyday life.

Västra Förstaden is an interesting transformation area in Halmstad that is facing an exciting development. It is close to both the city center and nature, and there are really all the conditions for creating a really nice residential area.

Claus Uldal, Architect SAR/MSA

The apartments have continuous floor plans with generous living rooms and kitchens. This creates social housing with spaces for socializing. Most of the apartments have balconies or patios; the larger attic apartments at the top of the building have double balconies. Västra Allén is a Nordic Swan Ecolabeled building, which means that the Nordic Swan's strict requirements for material selection and construction process are met.

In the apartments, we have focused on nice room connections without long corridors and with qualities such as well-chosen materials and good storage.

Sandra Westergaard, Architect SAR/MSA

Photographer: Jonas Berg


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