Västra Sjöstaden

Urban development project in Trelleborg

Kanozi Arkitekter has been commissioned to transform an industrial area in Trelleborg into a new neighborhood with up to 1500 homes, cafes, restaurants and shops. They also proposed a 600 meter long, landscaped sandy beach along the entire length of the district.

Area160 000 m²

Through Västra Sjöstaden we want to create a place for everyone. This should not only be a place for residents, but for all of Trelleborg.

Daniel Hohenthal,
Design Director, Owner

The project is part of Kuststad 2025, and is one of two parallel projects to bring Trelleborg closer to the sea. In one project, Sjöstaden, the existing city center will grow towards the water. Linked to this, the new district Västra Sjöstaden will emerge.

In the summer, the beachfront location and outdoor seating areas will attract visitors, but it has also been decided to plan for windy days. By designing places and paths that are sheltered, Västra Sjöstaden will be attractive all year round.

Through architecture, we want to build on Trelleborg's somewhat motley character. The city is characterized by a varied cityscape where a higher building can be right next to a lower one and where old and new coexist. This helps to create a dynamic and vibrant impression that we want to take advantage of.

Daniel Hohenthal,
Design Director, Owner


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