Villa Helena

Villa with panoramic views of Kungsbacka's southern archipelago

A private villa with five rooms and a kitchen spread over 230 square meters with generous glazing and terraces in three directions facing west.


- The request was for a black, sassy box. Of course we wanted to help with that on this fantastic plot of land with a magical location and incredible sea views, says Johan Norén, founder and chief designer.

But how do you make a hard, masculine box feel inviting and homely? The idea was the black mussel shell that sits on the rocky slope of Bohuslän, with its shimmering shiny interior and soft interior with light reflecting and penetrating through gaps in the shell.
- This is a house I have always dreamed of living in myself, says Johan Norén.


The original zoning plan was difficult to resolve in terms of the access road, the maximum height of the facade and the possibility of taking advantage of the fantastic view. It was a real challenge to find another way up to the plot that was approved by the municipality, all in order to make the best use of the fantastic view. This resulted in an L-shaped house with an entrance on the lower floor where the view is surprising and almost overwhelming when you reach the upper floor.

The villa's living areas are located on the upper floor in an open plan with dining room, kitchen and terrace with stunning sea views. The house is refined with natural materials such as island limestone and a thick, solid oak plank floor. On the upper level there is a study and the villa's master bedroom. The hillside level includes a living room, three bedrooms and a bathroom.


"The image of the west coast is the blue mussel. Well adapted to its environment, in its matte black exterior, it glistens and one senses that its interior may hide something more. On the inside, it is high quality and elegantly refined and sometimes hides the pearl of happiness. The inside of the matte black exterior walls are as white as the inside of a mussel's shell. The concrete floor of the lower level creates a secure anchorage - the building is attached to the rock. The oak floor on the upper level provides dignified comfort - a quiet space from which to view the glittering sea that dominates the experience."


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