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Simple Golf Cart Rental Agreement

Leesee is committed to respecting weight restrictions and restrictions that DO NOT put more than 300lbs or 136kg on all golf size jigs in the back seat. These include passenger cars 4, 6 and 8. The 4-seater vehicles have a maximum capacity of 800lbs or 362kg. 6 seat vehicles have a maximum capacity of 1200lbs or 544kg. 8 seat vehicles have a maximum capacity of 1600lbs or 725kg. Easily accessible from any smartphone or tablet, the app handles a variety of details electronically, including the valid driver`s license number, rental ID number, rental duration, deposit amount and total cost. Instead of managing these details by hand, the app automatically calculates costs and each party can cancel the lease electronically. This agreement is controlled by the laws of the state of Florida. In the event of a dispute over one aspect of this agreement, the venue for the event is in Walton County, Florida.

In the event of damage to the golf car, injuries or property damage, the tenant can withhold the deposit, and this deposit will not be liquidated and the tenant can claim all damages that are available under the law or equity. The operation of this vehicle is not permitted on highways or on public roads of more than 35 km/h, traffic 98 must not be operated on the north side of the highway and can only be used within the limits discussed at the time of the rental. The Golf Cart Rental Agreement mobile app makes it easy to generate rental forms for golfers from all over the course. In the event that the tenant violates this agreement, the landlord may take the vehicle back from the tenant without notice and maintain the rental costs, taxes, delivery costs or damages incurred by the tenant under this agreement. The tenant is not required to reimburse the rental costs paid in advance and the tenant remains responsible for all rental costs incurred until the end of the rental period. The tenant agrees to pay the rental fees plus taxes and to pay the fees for the duration of this contract. These rental fees must be paid in advance. When chargers or cables are laid or not returned at the end of a rent, the card in the device file is charged. Below are a replacement fee for euqipment. The tenant agrees to provide the renter with a valid credit card number to ensure the availability of the rental of the vehicle. If the tenant does not provide a valid credit card, the lessor has the right to terminate the lease and recover all costs related to losses, damages and remedies available under the law or equity.

In addition, the owner reserves the right to incriminate credit cards for: When it comes to renting golf course properties such as golf cars and other equipment, it is important to keep good records that protect your personal property from theft and property damage caused by abuse on the green. With an electronic record of all golf car rentals, you can generate rental income, calculate security deposits and much more, directly from your device. If the keys have been moved or are not returned at the end of the rent, a $20 fee per key will be charged from the post-deposit card. The tenant is responsible for paying an additional time beyond the duration of the tenancy.