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Traduzir A Palavra Agreement

After all, we also have a lot of words and phrases in Portuguese that can`t be translated into English, right? Leave in the comments some you like to have in English! First, because each word can have several meanings at once. Think of a very simple example: I think this article gives a good proposition of ”not wanting to translate everything” and that ”we should think in English to speak better English”, but I did not have as information what English Live can do to make us think in English! What methods or tools should we use to literally think in English, instead of just translating or understanding what movies are talking about, books, academic articles, etc.? Very good contribution, really I will always fish a few words in the dictionary and if I try to match the sentence, it is not an unimportant one. And when it comes to phrasing verbs, even worse. There is no automatic translator or word for word in the dictionary that gives you the meaning of certain expressions. If you translated word for word, in the simplest sense possible, you would say ”I see your point.” But that expression in Portuguese would be ”I understand what you mean.” The Council is not in vain. Although translation helps to understand the general context (after all, no one is born with a foreign language), there is not always all the information and nuances of a sentence. Conclusion: translation can, yes, help a lot when it comes to understanding English, especially at the beginning. But don`t count on her forever. Avoid translating everything so as not to end up with literal and insignificant sentences, but to learn to understand English really 😉 So said, the task of (good) professional translators and interpreters is to adapt, and never literally! There is a lot of work to adapt the context in English (or other foreign language) to ours, in order to bring the audience closer to the work while retaining the essence of the original message. Believe me, this mistake has already been reproduced in the legend of a recently unfulacted superhero movie… a very Brazilian expression that could have in English, it would be POXA VIDA! or Ué! Speaking of films, we know that the ”translation” of certain series and film titles is questionable because they deal more with a salesman name for marketing than with English meaning.

Do you want to see him? Did you know that the famous ”waiting for a miracle” in the original The Green Mile is the reference to the prison`s death row, the film`s main setting? Sister Act, here known as ”Change of Clothes,” got a second meaning with the pun on ”habit,” religious clothing. I liked the text, which was written in a simple and clear way, I would even say it kindly. It showed that to learn a language, we really have to respond to it. congratulations. period. How would you say it in English? Period, point, point, score, sting? You need more context, don`t you? Let`s look at this particular sentence: have you ever watched a movie or a show and come across a strange legend? Because, of course, it is the result of translation — of the literal.